Muscle SOAK Original & The Little Box


Relaxing and rejuvenating salts and oils to sooth aching limbs and restore tired bodies

Our SOAK Yourself bath ritual recipe kit contains all you need (including permission) to take a long, guilt-free soak in your bath. Based around a 10ml bottled blend of eucalyptus, bergamot, lavender, cinnamon, rosemary and lemongrass  organic essential oils, you'll also discover a cotton bag containing a restorative blend of fizzing and foaming Epsom salts and other natural ingredients, providing a long-lasting bubbly wonder which is gorgeously kind to your skin. Each box also comes with a pot of dried marjoram leaves, a eucalyptus soap, scented candle, Earl Grey teabags to enjoy a delicious cup of tea while you SOAK, and full instructions.

Please refer to the enclosed instructions before using this product.

Our original box measures 170mm x 180mm x 60mm and weighs approximately 900g.

Our Little Box measures 120mm x 115mm x 60mm and weighs approximately 450g.

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