About Us


SOAK Yourself and the concept of the 'Bath Ritual Recipe Kit', was devised in 2006 and brought to life in 2012 by busy city professional Jackie Hope, who dreamed of escaping the commute and the 9 to 5.

Knowing full well how hard it is to juggle all the demands of a modern life, Jackie's aim is to encourage us to realise it is so important to grant ourselves permission to take time out to relax, recharge and reconnect with our inner selves, and each other.

Jackies other priority is to ensure as far as possible that all materials and labour that go into SOAK Yourself products are sourced in the UK, and that all ingredients are all natural and organic (again, as far as possible). Located in the Chilterns (just off the M40), Jackie dreams of one day growing all of her own ingredients.

And talking of taking care of others, 50p from the sale of each box of SOAK Yourself bath rituals will go to help charities in need of support   from funding computers in youth centres, to buying plants for a hospice garden, a day trip out for an elderly person or giving a sick child an experience theyve always dreamed of. That way, its not just one person that youre helping when you buy a SOAK Yourself ritual. Thank you for spreading the love.

All boxes are handmade and hand packed with care by one of our friendly team. You will know which of the team packed your box as we sign our names on the back of the box as a mark of quality.