Luxury Soaps

Soap – as nature intended

Made using only natural ingredients (organic as far as possible), our selection of natural handmade soaps are the height of indulgence. We have a range of eleven artisan soaps, each carefully selected for their restorative and therapeutic qualities.

Our soaps are handcrafted using the utmost care and attention. Made with 100% natural ingredients, every single bar is blended using the effective dilution of professionally blended oil. Each bar is not only beneficial to the skin but produces an exquisite aroma.

As an ethical and environmentally-conscious business, our soaps are free from petroleum, mineral oils, artificial colours, and fragrances. Additionally, given the negative socio-environmental impact of palm oil, we make sure that our soaps are free of this substance too.

For example, our rosehip and hibiscus soap, blends sensual and aromatic oils with crushed botanicals, bursting with vitamin C. Not only does our rosehip and hibiscus help to relieve skin congestion, but it also rejuvenates pale skin, giving a healthy glow to pale complexions.

As one of the more creative handmade soap retailers in the UK, we take pride in the presentation of our products. Each bar is hand wrapped in luxury embossed paper, elegantly tied together with a satin ribbon and contains an informative card about your chosen soap.

Please take some time to browse our collection of homemade, luxury soaps. We’re confident you’ll find a fragrance for you.

All orders made by 12 pm will be dispatched the same day. Please choose your delivery method at checkout. If you are ordering outside of the United Kingdom please contact us. Thank You.