Grapefruit & Lime


A tantalisingly zesty and fruity blend of extravagance

Start you day with a sharp bust of citrus to energise you for the day ahead with our handmade, organic grapefruit & lime soap.

Our handmade, organic soaps contain citrus oils, proven to brighten dull or greasy skin types whilst toning the skin. Infused with sweet orange and patchouli oils, balanced with sour grapefruit and lime, these bars will refresh normal and oily skin types and replenish your skin.

Found in tropical climates, patchouli blossoms in late autumn and are known for their fragrant aroma. Perfect for treating rough or cracked skin, this organic soap has shampooing qualities and will treat scalp disorders, leaving you feeling clean and healthy.

Perfect for both men and women, our grapefruit & lime soap will exfoliate your skin. Each of these natural soap bars are lovingly made by infusing the essential oil from the Yuzu, a pungent Japanese grapefruit. Their properties will stimulate the lymphatic system, facilitating enhanced water retention. Additionally, the essential oil of the Yuzu has proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite due to its diuretic properties.

Why not treat someone you love, or even yourself? Perfect for both men and women, these organic soaps make thoughtful gifts. Sold in 100g bars, and encased in a decorative box, they personify exquisiteness.

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Approximately 100g

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