Scented Organic Candles - Three Wick


The addition of subtlety-scented candles will enhance the ambiance and allure of any environment. When used in the home, scented candles promote peaceful relaxation and natural tranquility – that calm environment which we all need.

The restorative benefits of aromatherapy have been understood for over a century. Essential, fragrant oils can have a direct affect on our personal well-being. Our fragrant recycled glass three wick candles offer just this – relaxing ambiance and restorative vigour.

These 100% natural and organic candles are both environmentally friendly and obtained from sustainable sources. Manufactured from a natural plant source, these candles are naturally coloured and scented with essential oils, containing zero petroleum-based dyes or fragrances.

Our candles are non-toxic and burn cleaner than paraffin candles. They emit zero carbon soot which, not only pollutes the air with toxic carcinogens but, releases carbon soot that discolours the walls.

Priced at £25 each, and with a burn time of 70 hours, these glass candles offer a choice of subtle aromas. The different scents to choose from include Nag Champa or Orange, Clove & Cinnamon, offering a diverse choice to suit your personal choice.

Additionally, these scented candles have a decorative quality that will make any house feel homely and welcoming. Whether placed in a living or bathing area, they will form an integral part of the decor.

Packaged in a simple, luxury white box and tied with a ribbon.

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