Kiwi & Lime Soap


A Sharp Citrus Blast of Cleaning Sensation

Native to Northern China, and later brought to New Zealand, the kiwi is a nutrient-rich super food. Kiwi’s are an essential ingredient of any healthy diet. Known for maintaining a healthy skin tone, reducing blood pressure, and preventing the risk of a stroke and heart disease, the kiwi is enjoyed the world over.

Limes are rich in Vitamin C, and natural oils, and renowned for their skin rejuvenating properties, keeping skin supple whilst guarding your body against infection, your body is treated to an infusion of anti-oxidants.

Our handmade, organic kiwi and lime soap features the same high concentration of Vitamin C, refreshing and harmonising your mind, body and spirit. Not only will you be treated to an aroma to savour, but a deep clean, purifying your body and leaving you feeling replenished.

As the UKs leading supplier of artisan soaps, we have an exquisite collection, no better highlighted than by our kiwi and lime soaps. Suitable for all skin types, these organic soaps are set with meticulous attention to detail and have an aesthetic appeal, easily on par with their sumptuous feel and rich, aromatic lather.

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Approximately 100g

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