Honeycomb & Butterscotch Soap



Honeycomb & butterscotch soap – a sweet blend of nature’s nature

With a delectably divine aroma this bar will intoxicate your senses and rouse your soul. Honey has been used for thousands of years. Its sweet flavouring releases endorphins and medicinal properties are used to treat aliments the world over.

The spiritual and therapeutic use of honey is documented in texts of cultures around the world. Indeed, honey was considered to be an offering to deities as tribune, a true testament to its seductive nature.

Butterscotch is an enticing ingredient. Used as flavouring for deserts, butterscotch has a distinctive, sweet aroma, one that will transport anyone back to a time of innocence and childhood.

Our organic bars are effective, natural moisturisers. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles they nourish and rejuvenate listless-looking skin. As a bactericide, they have a wonderful organic element that can help anyone suffering from allergies.

Suitable for all skin types, even delicate and fragile skin, our organic honeycomb & butterscotch soap is infused with essential oils and produces a creamy and gentle lather. Perfect as a gift for her to show that you care, or even to yourself this natural soap has a design characteristic of one of nature’s true marvels – the honeycomb.

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Approximately 100g

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