Heather & Elderflower Soap



Let serenity blossom with our heather and elderflower soap

Heather is globally recognised for its medicinal, cleansing properties. Removing toxins from the body and relieving inflammatory pains, not to mention a wealth of other maladies, heather has been employed for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Elderflower is the oldest herb cultivated by man. Recognised as strengthening the immune system by clearing the lymph nodes, elderflower is comprised of several vitamins, integral for healthy living. The essential vitamins and powerful antioxidants neutralise the toxins of free radicals, preventing cellular damage.

Once these two exquisite ingredients are combined, an intoxicating handmade soap, one that excels in its ability to leave you looking and feeling great, is yours.

Not only do the properties of our heather and elderflower soap feature excellent healing and immune boosting ingredients, the soap will bathe you in an oasis of soothing sensations. With a delicate floral bouquet, one that will leave you feeling decadent and a rich lather, you’ll feel feminine and attractive.

Suitable for all skin types, this organic soap is sold in 100g bars and comes with its own decorative box that you’ll want to keep as a decorative souvenir.

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Approximately 100g

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