Ok stop, take a breath and relax...because that's what SOAK Yourself is all about. It's our firm belief that we all need to take a little time out of our busy lives to de-stress, relax and recharge.

Take some time for yourself, shut the world outside the bathroom door, and open a SOAK Yourself bath kit that contains everything you need for a truly special bath experience - from the permission slip that lets you take the time to relax, to the step by step guide that shows you how to maximize the SOAK Yourself experience.

We offer a choice of six different bath kits, each one created to provide a desired outcome.

Our handmade bath products are the perfect treat after a demanding day, or make ideal gifts for a loved one - even the man in your life will love our relaxing bath kits. Our Muscle SOAK is specifically aimed at getting the guys to relax after a long day at work, or a good work out at the gym.