Paris Blossom Soap
Paris Blossom Soap

Paris Blossom Soap

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Our Paris blossom soap – a refreshing touch of spring all year round

The poetic beauty of the spring months is surely the most refreshing time of the year. Flowers begin to bloom, new life and rejuvenated spirit is found in abundance, and nature is nurtured.

Encapsulating everything that you love about springtime, our Paris blossom soap has a beautifully soft floral bouquet with nuances of honey and subtle yellow mimosa flowers and is balanced with enriching and intoxicating botanical petals – the epitome of springtime splendour.

Originating in China and South East Asia early species of blossom quickly spread to the western world thanks to trade routes.

Orange blossom is known to have sedative and antispasmodic properties and has been used as a remedy for depression, insomnia and a wealth of nervous disorders. Almond blossom has a rich heritage of medicinal properties. Used with honey as a tonic and then sprinkled into stews, blossom was thought to strengthen sinew. Crushed petals were also used in the treatment of skin blemishes and mixed with oil to treat sunburn and skin blemishes.

Suitable for all skin types, these organic soap bars are a principal example of our exquisite, artisan soaps. With an aromatic lather and effective skin replenishing properties, these organic soaps are perfect for the fairer sex.

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Sold in 80g + bars

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