Lemongrass and May Chang
Lemongrass and May Chang

Lemongrass and May Chang

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Our Lemongrass and May Chang Soap – Morning Freshness Personified

Lemongrass has well-documented properties, paramount for well-being and prosperity. Used extensively in Asian cuisine, lemongrass is known to lessen the acuteness of respiratory problems, aid in the recuperation of abdominal pain, headaches, joint and muscle soreness, and digestive tract spasms.

May Chang essential oil has similar health-promoting properties and has been cultivated for its aromatic fragrance. Rich in antibacterial care, May Chang is employed in natural skincare products and is widely considered to be superior to commercial skincare treatments – even repelling insects and warding off mosquitoes.

Infused with calendula petals and fresh lemons, our lemongrass and May Chang soap is an astringent bar that’s perfect for congested skin. Not only will it brighten complexions but, will assist with poor circulation, and build the body’s natural immune system.

Nutritious, and rich in vitamin A, B, and C, this handmade soap will additionally strengthen nails and hair cuticles and banish apparent age pigmentation spots as well as toning skin tissue and strengthening muscle tone.

Especially suitable for those with oily skin and greasy complexions, this organic, natural soap opens pores and removes dead skin cells, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

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Sold in 80g + bars

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