Broken Heart SOAK Original & The Little Box


A big, warm hug in a box to help you heal and embrace a positive future

Our SOAK Yourself bath ritual recipe kit contains all you need (including permission) to take a long, guilt-free soak in your bath. Based around a 5ml bottled blend of rose, sandalwood and lavender organic essential oils, you'll also discover a cotton bag containing a comforting blend of fizzing and foaming salts and other natural ingredients, providing along-lasting bubbly wonder which is gorgeously kind to your skin. Each box also comes with a hibiscus and rose soap, scented candle, jasmine teabags to enjoy a delicious cup of tea while you SOAK, and full instructions.

Please refer to the enclosed instructions before using this product.

Our original box measures 170mm x 180mm x 60mm and weighs approximately 900g.

Our Little Box measures 120mm x 115mm x 60mm and weighs approximately 450g.

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