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A beautifully packaged bath kit, containing all you need (including permission) to enjoy a luxurious soak.

SOAK Yourself is a luxury British bathing brand launched in October 2012.   With a philosophy based around the ancient ritual of bathing and its beneficial effects on the body, mind and soul, the range comprises 7 bespoke bath ritual recipe kits to evoke any mood and dissolve all stresses. 

Each of our bath kits are designed to be an experience and a ritual. Instructions guide the user not only though the ritual of drawing a bath, but towards a more relaxed and happy state of mind.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, essential oils, absolutes, candles and soaps, all ingredients are natural, and organic as far as possible. Products are sourced in the UK and each individual box is handmade and hand-packed with care to ensure the highest quality. Even our boxes are handmade in the UK.