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Microbeads - Polluting the Sea

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There’s been some coverage in the news regarding Micro-beads and the damage that they do. We want to reassure you that SOAK Yourself products do not contain these potentially harmful beads.   There are a number of cosmetic products such as shower gels, facial scrubs and toothpastes, that contain these tiny plastic beads, to make them more abrasive. Microbeads are often so small that they can’t be picked up by filters at a sewage plant and end up out in the ocean where they become coated in toxins. Aquatic organisms mistake them as food and in turn bring the toxins...

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Ageing Gracefully

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The last two weekends have been spent camping/enjoying festivals in our campervan. I took pleasure in a good dose of Vitamin D, discovering new (albeit 10 years in the making) music, filthy feet, good company and a long soak in the bath when I got back. I chose a Feeling Groovy SOAK.I wanted to relax, smell nice and give my dancing muscles a good old treat. The Feeling Groovy SOAK comes with Patchouli & Vetiver soap, amongst a whole load of other delights. Did you know that Patchouli is very beneficial for the health of the skin, especially for problematic...

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Fantastic Reviews

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This week we received another amazing review, and thought we would share this with you. We are very proud of our product and that all our ingredients are 100% natural. Check it out at Sarah's Scribbles. The long weekend is coming up, and it is a great time to chill out home and relax. It seems like we are in for some more bad weather, so I am pleased I am not driving anywhere. The Easter weekend traffic is always bad, never mind the added hassle of snow and ice. Where is our summer? My plan is to read, relax and...

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