Step by Step

Over the years I have made a lot of promises to myself. Promises to loose weight, be more active, eat healthier, get up earlier – you name it, I’ve promised it.

Included in that long list, is the promise to remove all chemicals and toxins from our home. Last week we moved house again, and I’ve taken the opportunity to make a few changes.

Cleaning a property before you move in is no pleasant task. In fact, I loathe cleaning and would pay someone to clean my house over just about anything else.

I would give up chocolate and Sunday lie-ins if it meant I could have a full-time cleaner. To me, cleaning is such a thankless task, and no sooner have I cleaned, the dirt and dust comes back, as if to mock me!

Of course it doesn’t help having two hairy monsters (aka dogs), and a husband who grew up on a farm. He just does not see dirt, and yes, he leaves the doors open!

I love my house to be spotless; I just don’t like doing it myself. I’m not particularly a germophobe, but I like clean & tidy. Bleach used to be my cleaning tool of choice. Let’s face it, bleach obliterates germs, and remove all manner of stains.

(Coffee stains are my arch-enemy as my husband’s morning routine consists of spilling it all over the place whilst pouring a cup!)

But, bleach and all its cousins are bad for us, and bad for the environment.

In my quest to become chemical free at home, I have developed my own concoctions which I know I can use freely and not have to worry about the toxicity of the product, or how it is harming me and my hairy ones (husband included).

We also now live in a place which has a sceptic tank, and chemicals are a big no-no.

So, my first change is to clean with a happy face and a spring in my step. Or is that a spring on my face and a happy step. Not sure. I’m still learning.

Here’s the recipe for my general-purpose magic cleaning liquid. I hope you try it.

1 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 tablespoon of vinegar, 20 drops of lavender essential oil, 20 drops of orange essential oil, 5 drops of rosemary, 1 cup of warm water. Mix in spray bottle and use to clean your kitchen.

For a bathroom version, use 20 drops of tea tree essential oil and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Happy, healthy cleaning.

With love


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