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Setting up our range of 100% natural artisan soaps has kept us busy, but has been very rewarding. Our soap lady has been making soaps for over 30 years, and she is our 'Secret Weapon Genius'. What she doesn't know about essential oils.......

We are very proud of the range of soaps we make, probably for two reasons. Firstly, they are truly beneficial to everyone. We do not use any chemicals or harsh additives. You can be sure of 100% natural ingredients, and we are organic as far as we can be. 

Secondly, our soaps are quite simply beautiful. 

Buying soaps which are beneficial to the skin is something that should be a priority to us. We believe it is an area where generally we tend to scrimp. If we consider that our skin absorbs whatever we put onto it, it can be quite scary to think about the unseen damage we are doing to our bodies internally.

We don't mean to preach, or be a scare-mongerish. It's just that we should take more care of ourselves. We all deserve it. 

So, take more care of yourself. Treat yourself. We promise you will find benefit in using our soaps.

Enjoy the sunshine (whenever it appears, even if for a moment) x

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