Work Experience

It is work experience week for us this week, and despite the fact that it is steaming hot outside, and all we want to do is pop over the road to the pub garden, we are being disciplined and offering the best week of work experience we can.

Visiting us is Measha, a 15 year old young lady from Gloucester. Art and Media are the subjects of interest to Measha, so we thought we could utilise these interests and ask Measha to help us to design labels for some SOAK Yourself products we have in the pipeline.

Of course it is traditional that we have to give Measha some filing, but we might wait until Thursday for that! Tea making is out of the question as no one at Measha's house drinks tea or coffee, so therefore she cannot make a cuppa. I'm not kidding. You should have seen my face when I found out that I would have to carry on making my own tea all week!

Production is the busiest part of our business, and of course we have a lot which Measha can do for us, but it is important for us that everything in production is carried out to a meticulously high quality. This is a great way to teach attention to detail.

Free samples are the biggest bonus working for SOAK Yourself, and we have already decided on a little stash of Measha's favourite soaps for her to take home. 

Work experience should be a beneficial experience for both parties, and being able to offer a placement pleases us.  Thinking about and planning for the future can be daunting, and very few of us know what we want to do when we are young. Even if we do grow up wanting to passionately be a photographer/doctor/rock star, life has it's own ideas about what is in store for us. So, the best you can do is be prepared, be adaptable, and be resourceful. If you can learn to cope, survive and thrive in any situation, life will be such a lot sweeter.

Enjoy your week with us, Measha

Jackie x

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