Practice What You Preach

Is anyone actually ready for summer? As I sit here in my wooly jumper, deciding when I should book in my waxing appointment, I can't help but wonder how I am going to manage the time off in any case! Perhaps I will not endure the pain of the wax, and just keep my pins firmly wrapped up.

Which brings me onto a more important point. I am not practicing what I preach! 

Our Bath Ritual Recipe Kit was designed specifically to help people to take more time out for themselves. In my opinion there is no better place to do this than in the tub with the door firmly locked.

I have a little side table which I bring into the bathroom in preparation for my relaxation (aka guilt-free me time). This table holds everything I require: a few books (I need a selection in case I change my mind), nibbles, a cup of tea (ok, not always tea), my phone, my iPad, a portable music system, and various masks and pamper products.

Most of the time all I end up doing is slipping deeper and deeper into the water as I relax, and eventually fall asleep, without having touched any of my 'necessities' on the table. I usually wake up freezing.

The moral of the story...make time to relax, and take time off.

Our days are filled with endless stimulation, demands, stresses and worries. Long term this is so detrimental to our health. We as beings are not supposed to be living in such a fast paced environment, and the pace is just growing all the time. 

Be kind to yourself. You ARE entitled to take time for yourself. 

- Jackie

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