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    • 5 beauty hacks using Epsom salts

      Epsom salts are packed full of magnesium and sulphates – minerals that are essential to human health and wellbeing. They’ve been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of ailments including stress, cramps, poor circulation, pain relief, and much more. However, as well as the health benefits, Epsom...

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Ok stop, take a breath and relax...because that's what SOAK Yourself is all about. It's our firm belief that we all need to take a little time out of our busy lives to de-stress, relax and recharge.

Take some time for yourself, shut the world outside the bathroom door, and open a SOAK Yourself bath kit that contains everything you need for a truly special bath ritual - from the permission slip that lets you take the time to relax, to the step by step guide that shows you how to maximise the SOAK Yourself experience.

We offer a choice of seven different bath kits, each one created to provide a desired outcome.

Our handmade bath products are the perfect treat after a demanding day, or make ideal gifts for a loved one - even the man in your life will love our relaxing bath kits. Our Muscle SOAK is specifically aimed at getting the guys to relax after a long day at work, or a good work out at the gym.

Each SOAK Yourself bath ritual recipe kit includes a selection of goodies that enhance at least 4 baths, with essential oils, fizzing and foaming bath crystals and handmade organic soap.

They also come with a choice of handmade organic candles, crafted using plant wax and organic essential oils.

Also included are teabags, so you can lie back, relax and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Not just any tea mind you, our bath kits include Jasmine, Camomile and Chocolate Flake tea.

Browse all seven kits and chose the most evocative combination of scents and flavours for your next indulgent guilt-free soak.

Our kits make perfect gifts. Thoughtful gifts with soul.

Our current collection consists of :

Love SOAK - a sensual bath ritual to deepen your connection with the one you love

Feeling Groovy SOAK - a calming and soothing chilled-out soak to help you relax, release and let go

Remedy SOAK - relief from the symptoms of colds and flu, to help you back to better health

Broken Heart SOAK - a big, warm hug in a box to help you heal and embrace a positive future

Muscle SOAK - relaxing and rejuvenating salts and oils to sooth aching limbs and restore tired bodies

Full Moon SOAK - a renewal ritual to celebrate the cycles of life and prepare you for the month ahead

Blanche the Blues SOAK - banish a down day, revitalise your senses and boost your mood

Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a line via our blog, or sending an email. We appreciate all feedback.